1/2, 1, 2 inch x 30 yard - Fluorescent PINK Gaffer Tape - @trueGAFF 120MESH


Gaffer Tape - DGTAPE@trueGAFF 50mm/25m Fluorescent PINK

High contrast and durable fabric cloth tape

Series "trueGAFF" - 120 mesh construction

Five MATT bright fluorescent colors - blue, yellow, orange, green and pink, glow in the UV spectrum exceptionally well, specially designed for marking objects. Provides visibility even in very little light and glows brightly under the UV spectrum (light). Possible sizes of rolls: 25mm x 25m, 25mm x 50m, 50mm x 25m, 50mm x 50m.

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DGTAPE -  is a high strength vinyl impregnated cloth tape with a matte finish. Spike tape conforms to irregular surfaces and is waterproof and abrasion resistant. Spike Tape has a smooth controlled unwind and tears easily by hand. Use it to mark stages for actors, provide directional signals in dark areas, color-coding, marking boxes and more. Our spike tapes are available in 8 colors.