Xtremely strong GAFFER TAPE


the toughest, best performing, multi-application cloth tape with MATTE SUPERIOR FINISH SURFACE

0% reflection cloth tape

• Ultra heavy duty gaffer/cloth tape
• The toughest DGTAPE
• The strongest DGTAPE adhesive ever produced
• Super tough, reinforced construction 145 MESH CLOTH BASED
• Xtremely strong holding power
• All-weather performance¹
• Quick stick, even on rough and difficult surfaces
• UV stable layer resist sunlight.


What makes it so tough?

  1. Much thicker than most conventional gaffer/cloth tape - 145 MESH COTTON
  2. Adding strength and preventing delamination, both cloth and adhesive are melded together during manufacturing in a single high-temperature step. 
  3. This creates a permanent airtight & water resistant bond, delivering a virtually seamless construction. Holding strong long after many standard cloth tapes may fail, the built-in UV resistant layer helps keep adhesive-damaging sunlight at bay.