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DJBAG HARD Backpack Bag - Pioneer DDJ REV1, FLX4, XP1,WeGO4-K etc, int. 19.68in X 12.20in X 3.54in


Ultimate Safety for your Gear DJ BAG Present A specially designed backpack for DJs, musicians, producers and for comfortable use for every day, at work and on travel. Backpack shockproof for two-channel controllers.

The DJ BAG Hard BackPack is a shock-resistant backpack for popular 2-channel DJ controllers and mixing consoles up to 19.68in (50cm) wide, up to 11.81in (30cm) deep and up to 3.15in (8cm) height.
The special feature of the DJ BAG Hard BackPack is that it embodies all the advantages of a shock-resistant case, the convenience of a backpack with soft straps, a separate pocket for a laptop up to 16 inches, with a compartment for a tablet and mesh pockets for wires and other necessary accessories.

* Color: Black;
* Backpack composition: EVA plastic, Oxford Vinyl main fabric, Oxford 210 PU lining fabric;
* External dimensions: 21.25in X 12.99in X 6.29in (54.0 x 33.0 x 16.0 cm);
* Internal size: 19.68in X 12.20in X 3.54in (50.0 x 31.0 x 9.0 cm);
* Weight: 3.30lbs
Bag compatibility with controllers of the following models:br> * Pioneer box: REV1, FLX4, 400, RB-series, SR series, service pack 1 , WeGO4-K XP1; * Native tools Traktor control C2, Traktor control C2 MK3, MK3 machine, micro MK3 machine, Traktor control C2 MK2, Maschine micro MK II, Tractor control C4 MK2, machine MkII ;
* Roland: AIRA DJ-202
* Vestax : VCI-100, VCI-100 mk2 , VCI-300 , VCI-300 mk2 , VCI-380 , VCM-100, VCM-600, Typhoon, Typhoon VDJ, Spin, Spin 2 , PBS-4;
* Create: Mixtrack professional DJ, Mixtrack Pro and second, Mixtrack professional III, DJ2GO, Mixtrack edge , your own reasons ;
* Denon: MC2000, MC3000, MC4000, MC6000;
* Reloop : Beatmix 2, Beatmix 4, Digital Jockey 2 ME, Mixage IE ;
* Stanton: DJC. 4, SCS . 4DJ, SC System 3; and other;