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16pcs SET - SNAP Truss safety holder for 50mm truss - 16-18mm BRACING


SNAP Stack is available for the common 4-point trusses with bracing diameter of 16mm or 20mm (two versions)
in black and silver colour.

Permanently installed on the underside of the Truss, SNAP Stack offers an efficient alternative to the usually used truss carrier. Stacked on dollys, Snap Stack saves approx. 2 cm stacking height per layer to the conventional stacking, moreover the temporal effort will be eliminated. Another advantage is seen by stacking short or fractional trusses on dollys. Where previously shorter truss pieces had to be put together to one length or worked with more than two truss carriers per layer, with SNAP Stack, practically every piece of truss stacks on its own.

On another base many short pieces can smoothly be stacked. Due to fabrication of very resistant plastic, SNAP Stack prohibits direct contact between ground and truss and provides robust protection against scratches and dents when handling trusses on the floor. Optionally, SNAP Stack can be secured with two cable ties for permanent mounting on the truss.

SNAP Stack is compatible to most 4 point trusses with belt tube diameter of 48-51mm and square bracing on both ends. The stacking aid is available in two versions for bracing diameters of 16mm and 20mm.
SNAP Stack is available in black and silver suitable for common trusses.

Overview of the functions of16-18mm bracing

 1. Stack

- efficient and fast stacking of trusses without truss carrier
- significant time savings when stacking
- saves approx. 2 cm of height per layer compared to usual stack wood
- allows different truss lengths on one dolly – each length stackts itself
- for most 4 point trusses with square bracing and 16 or 20 mm bracing diameter

2. Protect

- protects the truss when placed on the ground
- additional mounting security with optional cable ties (cable tie width 3,6mm) - made of resistant plastic (Polyamid PA6)