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1 or 2 inch gaff tape holder for 30 or 60 Yards (ToughGAFF)

Comparable to the types sold in bulk at Michaels & Staples, our black gaffer tape is manufactured to meet American standards. Made in Japan, our tape is changing <br> up the game. Crafted from tensile strength cotton fabric, this black tape cracks the code when it comes to securing cables, repairing electronics & more. <p> ⭐ LESS EXPENSIVE BUT NONETHELESS POWERFULLY ADHESIVE ⭐ <br> Stronger than scotch tape, affordable duct tape alternative for damage-free taping <p> ⭐ RIPS CLEAN & EASY - NEVER LEAVES RESIDUE, GUNK OR GOO ⭐ <br> Designed to peel clean, our gaffers tape is the #1 damage-free tape in the industry <p> ⭐ BUY THE BEST, FORGET THE REST - TAPE YOU CAN COUNT ON ⭐ <br> Peel-proof adhesive back prevents lifting to deliver a highly secure airtight seal <p> <b>Some of the Ways to Use Black Gaffers Tape</b>: <br> • repair TV cords, computer cables or chargers <br> • fix equipment, hardware & electric devices <br> • organize electrical cables for safety purposes <br> • spot positions on a stage, court or dance floor <p> Gaffer tape can also be used to build safer entertainment areas. Tape cords & cables to the floor, to crown molding, to the wall or to the ceiling. Best <br> used when decorating & designing offices, classrooms, co-op work spaces & warehouses. No scissors needed. No stuck on residue left behind once <br> removed. Never peels off varnishing or painted surfaces. Non-reflective, easy to disguise gaff tape with the power to hold. Quality you can rely on! <p> ✅ Won't Strip Paint from Walls - Peels Right Off! <br> ✅ Quick Tear Tape Quickly Rips into Tape Strips <br> ✅ Highly Flexible, Perfect for Repairing Fixtures <br> ✅ NO-Damage Done to Furniture, Flooring, etc. <p> Ready to power up with the black gaffers tape professional electricians & repairmen trust? Scroll up, select 2 inch and 30 yards or 60 yards & click '<b>ADD TO CART</b>'!