HARD Backpack shockproof for two-channel controllers

The DJ BAG Hard BackPack is a shock-resistant backpack for popular 2-channel DJ controllers and mixing consoles up to 50 cm wide, up to 30 cm deep and up to 8 cm high. The special feature of the DJ BAG Hard BackPack is that it embodies all the advantages of a shock-resistant case, the convenience of a backpack with soft straps, a separate pocket for a laptop up to 16 inches, with a compartment for a tablet and mesh pockets for wires and other necessary accessories.

* Full plastic protection for the entire front of the backpack.
* Wide backpack with soft shoulder straps, with a convenient card pocket and fastex closure, for easy transport of the backpack.
* The backpack has two main compartments with a water-repellent SBS zipper.
* Main compartment for storing and carrying musical equipment has a plastic cover that protects equipment from severe shock, additional protection to the equipment attached corrugated foam equipment attached to the backpack by Velcro straps to the Main compartment waterproof zipper SBS and has a secret lock from thieves.
* The second compartment has a pocket for a laptop up to 16 inches, a pocket for a tablet, mesh pockets for switching and accessories, as well as simple pockets, the compartment closes with a water-repellent SBS zipper.
* There is a hidden document pocket in the back of the backpack.
Technical parameters:
• Black;
* Backpack composition: EVA plastic, Oxford Vinil main fabric, Oxford 210 PU lining fabric;
* External dimensions: 540 x 330 x 160 mm;
* Internal size: 500 x 310 x 90 mm;
* Weight: 1.5 kg.

Bag compatibility with controllers of the following models:
* Pioneer box: 400, RB-series, SR series, service pack 1 , WeGO4-K XP1 ;
* Native tools Traktor control C2, Traktor control C2 MK3, MK3 machine, micro MK3 machine, Traktor control C2 MK2, Maschine micro MK II, Tractor control C4 MK2, machine MkII ;
* Roland: AIRA DJ-202
* Vestax : VCI-100, VCI-100 mk2 , VCI-300 , VCI-300 mk2 , VCI-380 , VCM-100, VCM-600, Typhoon, Typhoon VDJ, Spin, Spin 2 , PBS-4;
* Create: Mixtrack professional DJ, Mixtrack Pro and second, Mixtrack professional III, DJ2GO, Mixtrack edge , your own reasons ;
* Denon: MC2000, MC3000, MC4000, MC6000;
* Reloop : Beatmix 2, Beatmix 4, Digital Jockey 2 ME, Mixage IE ;
* Stanton: DJC. 4, SCS . 4DJ, SC System 3;
• and other;